Yoga Nidra At Home

Yoga nidra is a guided meditation practice that creates a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping to promote a profound state of relaxation. 

Creating a state of deeper relaxation can be reparative to our nervous system, reduce stress levels, and improve our quality of sleep. 

Yoga nidra (or Non-Sleep Deep Rest (NSDR)) is a practice of non-doing, of allowing the body to rest and the mind to settle into the present moment. We live in a chronically overstimulated world and yoga nidra is one way to help manage the stress of life.

In these practices, we move through a relaxing body scan, set our intentions and deeply nourish our nervous system.

Some benefits of Yoga Nidra meditations include:

  • Full body relaxation
  • Sleep support  
  • Stress reduction
  • Increased bodily awareness

When we experience physical pain, we can begin to tense and contract different parts of the body in response to that pain.

Physical discomfort/pain and sleep challenges can commonly occur, especially after traumatic experiences or times when we are experiencing high stress. 

Listening to these Yoga Nidra practices can be very supportive to listen to at the end of the day as you prepare for sleep. 

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Meet Your Facilitator:

Becca Odom is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Registered Yoga Teacher with over a decade of experience in the mental health and wellness field.

Becca specializes in combining Somatic Approaches with EMDR for trauma recovery. She primarily works with women who have experienced trauma, chronic stress, and anxiety. Her passion is to empower others to heal themselves and she specializes in anxiety, trauma recovery, and stress management.

She has been offering trainings on Yoga for Trauma and Resiliency nationally for the last 9 years and is passionate about supporting professionals to bring more trauma-informed tools into their clinical practice as well as for their own self-care to prevent burnout.

She is trained in EMDR, Community Resiliency Model (CRM), Mindful Schools, Trauma-Focused Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and has her 200-hour yoga teacher training certification. Becca Odom is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Registered Yoga Teacher in Asheville, NC.

Her passion is to support Social Workers & other Helping Professionals in finding ways to deepen their self-care, reduce the effects of secondary trauma & prevent burnout.